The Shadowy World of Dark Web Hitmen

The Shadowy World of Dark Web Hitmen
The Shadowy World of Dark Web Hitmen

During the court proceedings, it was revealed that Helen Hewlett, aged 44, had transferred over 20,000 in bitcoin to an account called Online Killers Market on the Dark Web. This was due to a relationship breakdown, as stated in court. It was reported that one could order a hit for less than 10,000 on this platform. The suspect mentioned in an interview included in the search warrant that she used an old phone to arrange the hit and had downloaded an app, believed to be the Tor browser, to conceal her identity.

Afterwards, the money was traced to several unidentifiable accounts that appeared to be linked to a person in Romania, in relation to a dark web hitman.

Once the BitCoin has been sent to the website, it becomes irretrievable. When Mr. Belton departed for a new position at Kinnerton Chocolate Factory, Hewlett was able to secure employment at the same organization.

Revealing the Names of Dark Web Hitman Sites

Our team delved into numerous websites that provide the illicit services of a dark web hitman, in order to examine their offerings and pricing, as well as to expose any potential scams that could be targeting unwitting customers seeking murder-for-hire services. Despite the possibility that professional assassins may simply be taking extra precautions how do you get into the dark web to avoid detection, there are still telltale signs of illegitimacy stemming from a need to appear trustworthy.

During our investigation, we came across several websites providing a vast array of violent services, charging fees that varied from 5,000 to 200,000 dollars. Although some of these websites may seem authentic with assurances, third-party escrow services, and even customer feedback, we discovered that most of them radiated a sense of desperation and unreliability.

The Secret World of Dark Web Assassins and Stolen Social Security Numbers

According to authorities, Helen Hewlett was found to have downloaded an app that granted access to the Dark Web on her phone. She also had three hitman websites bookmarked. Following her arrest and trial, Hewlett was sentenced at Norwich Crown Court.

The dark web is rife with individuals offering hitman services, along with other illegal activities such as assault, property damage, theft, and more. These websites are often designed to appear trustworthy, using signals and indicators to make visitors feel like they are dealing with a legitimate business. One individual who claimed to be a hitman on the dark web expressed their anxiety and stress, admitting that they now live with constant anxiety.
Please refrain from taking any action against the young man.

In February of 2020, an unidentified fraudster reported to the FBI in Washington state about a request for 5,000 hits, expressing concerns that all paid targets could be at risk. The hit list included individuals on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The Dark Side of the Web: Hitmen and Stolen Credit Cards

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After being sentenced to seven and a half years in prison at Norwich Crown Court, Judge Katharine Moore labeled Hewlett as a "dangerous criminal". Mr. Belton's suffering was severe, and the judge deemed Hewlett to be a high-risk offender. Hewlett appeared to be remorseless, despite expressing some sadness about her current predicament.

The individual was informed by the organization that there was no legal accusation against him and was recommended to report the matter to the authorities, which he promptly did. A female individual had requested the services of a hitman to eliminate her partner's spouse, but her plan was thwarted when the proprietor of the murder-for-hire website decided to cooperate with the FBI. All of these websites offer a significant amount of assurance and promises.

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